Quality breeder of Miniature American Shepherd Puppies for sale in Oklahoma

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We are breeders of Miniature American Shepherd puppies for sale located in Oklahoma. They are AKC registered. 

About the breed: The Miniature American Shepherd resembles a small Australian Shepherd. True herders in spite of their compact size, Minis are bright, self-motivated workers and endearingly loyal and lively companion dogs who have an affinity for horses. The Miniature American Shepherd shares many physical traits with its forebear the Australian Shepherd only on a smaller scale. Females stand between 13 and 17 inches at the shoulder; males range from 14 to 18 inches. Despite their size, Minis are every inch a true herding dog: energetic, versatile, rugged, and extremely bright. The eye-catching coat comes in black, blue merle, red, and red merle. LIFESPAN: 14-15 years


For Sale


We will be honest with you if you're just price shopping looking for the cheapest puppy around, we are not the breeder for you. I guarantee you can find a cheaper quality puppy. We are looking for buyers who have done their research on the breed, its' traits, it's genetically inherited diseases and are just looking for the perfect breeder who has loving raised their next family member.  Ethical breeders are welcome too.

We put our heart into breeding. Each breeding is carefully planned, researched and loved. Our health testing is above and beyond, in fact we challenge you to find another breeder that does as much as we do. If you find someone, we want to know their kennel name please! Each family is chosen to love one of our pups.  We want committed, responsible owners who are educated and passionate about the breed. 

Please note: we take a $500 deposit to reserve a spot of your choice starting at 2-3 weeks of age but specific picks are not made until 8 weeks of age after CAER testing, vet checks and personality testing is completed. 

Please note: Full Registration is always $2000-$2500.

Prices below are for limited registration only:
1st.  pick male & female $1800.  
2nd. pick male & female $1500. 
3rd.  pick male & female $1200.  
4th.  pick male & female $1000.  
5th pick & so on male & female $800.  

  • Complementary Health Insurance:  We provide a 30 day complementary pet insurance plan with your puppy.    

  • Our puppies are raised using Aviddog's Your Litter A to Z program.
  • Embark DNA tested parents with Annual OFA Eye Exams plus OFA HIPS & ELBOWS.
  • They are family reared so they will fit in beautifully from our family to your family. Born and raised in our attached remodled garage, around our kids and other dogs daily. We have cameras on them always for even when we can't be there. 
  • Lifetime of Support and Community:  Once you have a puppy from our program you enjoy all the support, guidance, and community we can offer. 
  • All puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) on Limited Registration. We pay the cost of registration and your registration certificate will be mailed to your home by the AKC (all puppies are placed on Limited Registration unless otherwise discussed). You get the honor of using our kennel name as the prefix and the rest of the name is your choice! 

  • All puppies are microchipped with an AKC Reunite Chip including Lifetime Enrollment.   All you need to do is keep your listed contact information updated, we’ve taken care of the cost of lifetime enrollment. 

  • A healthy puppy.  We take health care very seriously and work hard to produce the healthiest puppies possible. 

  • 1st vaccinations, multiple dewormings & all puppies receive a vet check by our vet in addition to an OFA EYE exam from a veterinarian opthamologist prior to leaving for your home. Advangtage Multi Plus is given so no fleas and heartworm protection started!

  • Each puppy goes home with a puppy pack: copies of thier health testing as well as sire & dam, all health records, toys, treats, tons of information on puppy raising and more! 

  • Exlusive access to our private Facebook group full of resouces and a community of other owners who have also purchased from us.

  • Lifetime support for you and your family. 

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