We are located in Fairview, Oklahoma. We do not do delivery or pickup on Saturdays. We have several options to get your puppy to you: 


1. You pick up directly from us.

2. You fly in to us and fly back same day- round trip flight or stay the night in OKC, whichever you prefer. We can meet you at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City (closest major airport) for a fee of $175. Tulsa Airport is also an option for a meeting fee of $250. No Saturdays.

3. Schedule depending (if we have another female whelping or young babies on the ground this is not an option): we deliver by driving to you. We charge $1.60 per mile. This is the best option for you puppy, it would be a private transport with your puppy and his/her siblings only, not strange dogs like a normal group transport company does, and we as the breeder, know how to safely keep exposure to diseases like parvo to a minimum. 

4. We might be able to have someone fly the puppy to your local small airport. Similar to a flight nanny but small privately owned plane (Limited Location/Schedule depending).

5. You can hire your own ground transportation company. At your own risk. We recommend an insurance plan for the value of the puppy. Breeder is not responsible for sickness, injury or death once the puppy leaves our care.