Do you offer shipping?

Sorry, we do not offer shipping unless you are a breeder we know. We want you to see your puppy in person before paying for it. We like to meet all of our buyers face to face. This means we cannot send your puppy to you by ground transport or cargo (plane). 

Do you offer delivery?

We may be able to deliver to you if we do not have another litter on the ground or expected. Otherwise, it is out of the question. Our dams & puppies are our #1 priority and we are their primary caregiver. If we do deliver to you expect a quote between $500-$650 or more depending on location.

How can I get my puppy then?

You can drive to us or fly to us. At 8 weeks, your puppy can fly back home at your feet as carry on. Sorry, we do not allow our puppies to be shipped as cargo.

We understand the time off work, making arrangements for your children and other pets to come to us is difficult. We appreciate all of our families who have journeyed to us! Here is a list of states/countries we have sold to so far:

Alaska, Canada, Washington, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Flordia, Lousiana, Montana, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, New Mexico, California, Maryland, Rhode Island, Michigan. 

Can we come visit? I'd like to meet mom, dad, or see the puppies etc. 

We do not allow visitors. Here's a few reasons why: 

My #1 priority is keeping my puppies and my family safe.

This is our home where we and our children live. They deserve privacy and safety. 

If every single person that was “interested” in seeing my puppies came to my house it would be a revolving door, and WAY too much foot traffic. 

Young puppies are incredibly susceptible to diseases that are easily transmitted on the clothes and shoes of people. Parvo, a common virus, can last on surfaces for years and is often fatal to unvaccinated puppies. Not only will it most likely kill our current litter but it can live in the soil for several years putting every single one of our future litters at risk! 

We make every effort possible to ensure your puppy will stay healthy while growing here.

It's stressful for Mom and any other dam we have. Moms want to protect thier babies, thier first few weeks need to be calm, quiet and den like. 

Puppies need 3 rounds of vaccine to be fully protected from the diseases we vaccinate against. This means your puppy will not be fully protected until 16 weeks! 

By protecting all of our puppies from stress and disease, we are protecting your puppy!  But your puppy is not the only puppy we are resposible for. We feel it is irresposible to allow someone to visit that could risk the entire litter and you your future puppy. 

Scams and dog napping/robbery is a real thing.


How can I meet you or the dogs then?

We do welcome visitors to any dog show where one of our dogs is showing at so you can get an idea of our program. Contact us to see when the next show is. We are happy to FaceTime, we provide weekly updates on the litter which consists of videos and photos. 

I wish to fly in? What are the next steps?

The closest major airport to us is Will Rogers in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Because it is a 4 hour round trip for us, we do ask for a fee to cover our gas and time. Most of our families choose to fly in/out the same day so we typically meet you at the airport in the 1 hour free parking lot. If you do choose to stay the night we can meet you at your hotel.