AKC Registered Preservation Breeder

Fairview, OK 73737

Flying D Kennels is a small family owned breeder of AKC registered dogs located in NW Oklahoma. We raise beef cattle, mainly cow/calf pairs as well as breed purebred herding dogs.

Herding breeds were bred to work with all types of livestock, protect the farm and perform any task a farmer needed done. They have to be tough enough to deal with a difficult cow, gentle with the farm's children and smart enough to carry out tasks independently but willing to listen and obey. They are bred to be biddable with sound conformation. We love them for their energy, focus and intelligence.

Why? My aim in breeding my dogs is to protect and preserve the temperament, appearance, soundness, history and purpose of the breed for current and future generations. We strive to meet AKC breed standards. We are very passionate about health testing and responsible breeding. They are family reared so they will fit in beautifully from our family to your family. Born and raised in our attached remodled garage, around our kids and other dogs daily. Our ultimate goal is to produce a happy and healthy family of dogs, with long lives true to breed type to match whatever your goals may be: dog shows, family pet, farm hand or dog sports. 
We do only a few limited breedings per year per breed. We do not sell puppies year round and most often you will have to wait for one of our puppies.  The American Kennel Club recognizes Flying D Kennels as an AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T breeder of Australian Cattle Dogs. 

We put our heart into breeding. Each breeding is carefully planned, researched and loved. Our health testing is above and beyond, in fact we challenge you to find another breeder that does as much as we do. If you find someone, we want to know their name! Each family is chosen to love one of our pups.  We want committed, responsible owners who are educated and passionate about the breed.