Flying D Kennels is a small family owned ranch located in NW Oklahoma. We raise beef cattle as well as breed purebred dogs.

Why? My aim in breeding my dogs is to protect and preserve the temperament, appearance, soundness, history and purpose of the breed for current and future generations. We strive to meet breed standards. We are very passionate about health testing and responsible breeding. When breeding, we select our matches, with the goal of weaving those pedigrees together, preserving these dogs in the best possible predictable form that we can bring to families. Because that is our ultimate goal, to produce a happy and healthy family of dogs, with long lives true to breed type to match whatever your goals may be: dog shows, family pet or dog sports. 
We do only a few limited breedings per year per breed. We do not sell puppies year round and most often you will have to wait for one of our puppies. Our goal is to breed more dogs less often. This is to ensure genetic diversity and to make sure our females get adequate rest and are not overbred, as our dogs are well loved and their care comes first and foremost.